Eagle Workshop

I am planning an Eagle workshop that consists of 3 one hour meet ups starting in March. Each workshop is standalone and does not depend on any of the previous workshops however they are all required if you want to fully understand the process of designing and making PCBs. For the first run of the workshop I will limit the group to 5 people with spaces made available on a first come first serve basis. The schedule is as follows:

Duration: 1 hour
Date: Wed Mar 18
Time: 6-7PM
Cost: $0
Location: Art Engine
Subject: Schematic


Week 1 – Design an Eagle schematic for an Arduino Uno compatible board that I call “Road Warrior”
Week 2 – Layout the PCB using the auto router. We will also render the boards as 3D images to help visualize the design. The finished design will be ready for ordering from SeeedStudio.
Week 3 – Build the PCB design using toaster oven reflow. I have ordered PCBs and materials to build the design you have just completed.

Workshop Requirements

To allow for the short (1hour) workshops I need everyone to come with a working laptop with Eagle and PovRay installed. The attached zip file contains all of the required files. You need to install and test that everything is working before you can attend the workshop. If you have problems with the installation I will be at Art Engine for 30 minutes before the workshop.



Eagle Workshop Tool Installation

The installation of Eagle is straight forward. You need to download and install the program and then add a number of support files. The support files includes Seeed_Gerber_DNC.cam which is used to generate the gerber layers which are sent to the board shop to manufacture the PCB. I have also included a set of design rules that will provide drill and trace geometries that are compatible with Seeed Studio’s design requirements. To simplify your design choices I replaced the Eagle libraries with my own library. This is just a starting point which will make the teaching process a bit easier. In the future you can add libraries back if you need different components. The projects folder is replaced with a new projects folder containing the complete Road Warrior design. Finally the ulp directory is replaced with my version of the ulp which includes files to generate 3D board images. I have hidden all of the unused ulp’s (user language programs) because they are just a distraction to the new user. ULP programs can be added later if they are required.

The required files are located in Eagle.zip
Files: Seeed_Gerber_DNC.cam, eagle-win-7.2.0.exe
Folders: dru , lbr, cam, projects, ulp
Decompress the archive

Install Eagle to c:/ EAGLE7.2.0 Run as freeware
copy the file Eagle/cam/Seeed_Gerber_DNC.cam to c:/ EAGLE7.2.0 /cam
replace c:/ EAGLE7.2.0 dru with the folder dru
replace c:/ EAGLE7.2.0 /projects with projects folder
rename c:/ EAGLE7.2.0 lbr to c:/ EAGLE7.2.0 lbr_original
rename c:/ EAGLE7.2.0 /ulp to c:/ EAGLE7.2.0 ulp_original
copy lbr folder to c:/ EAGLE7.2.0
copy ulp folder to c:/ EAGLE7.2.0/

POV Files

The required files are located in POV Ray.zip
install povwin-3.7-agpl3-setup
install povwin-3.7-editor
remove any POV directory from to ~/My Documents/
copy the folder POV-Ray to ~/My Documents/POV-RAY
Copy the folder Eagle3DOutput to your desktop

Open the Eagle3DOutput directory on your desktop and Click on the Road Warrior.pov file. You will need to tell Windows where to find the POV application to open this file. It should be in the c:/Program Files/POV-Ray/v3.7/bin/ pvengine32-sse2.exe
Edit c:/EAGLE-7.2.0/ulp/Eagle3d/ 3dconf.dat and add the appropriate line of text depending on your operating system.
C:/Documents and Settings/YourName/Desktop/Eagle3DOutput/ <

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